The morning is gloomy,so extremely dark.Halloween is here,let’s get to the park.Ghouls and Goblins,are all I see.Decorating the paths,scary as can be.Here’s the Haunted House,standing all alone.What is that I see?I think it’s a bone.Graves are popping out,humans beware.Your great uncle Bert,might give you a scare.I tread light as a feather,afraid to make a sound.I…… Continue reading Halloween


A bright shiny star,blinds my eyes.As I uncover the truth,of all the lies. Adrift in space,is where I am.Exploring places,never known to man. As I stare,into space.I am not sure,in which place. I am alone,lonely as can be.I only have,I, myself, and me. The exploration is over,you should agree.The tsuris is over,my family, I shall…… Continue reading Space

The Flood

Swamp water is everywhere,blocking out the sight.Filling the rooms,with a very dull light. We are all evacuating,leaving in a rush.While the big blue monster,gobbles on its lunch. We don’t know where to go,should we go here or there.The beast isn’t far behind,so, we’ll go anywhere. Finally, it’s over,our houses are normal.We are all happy,and now…… Continue reading The Flood