I feel the hot breeze,as it passes in a hurry.It takes away my fears,so, I don’t have to worry.The sea glimmers in the sunlight,so very pulchritudinous.It looks so pretty,very, very luminous.I think I’ll go to the beach,I could relax and think.As my fears,decide to shrink.I feel the hot sun,burning my skin.I should really apply sunscreen,before…… Continue reading Summer

The World

I used to take for granted,everything I had.Only until I realised,I was doing something bad.When staying at home,I would dream of the day.The world would work,the correct way.Sky’s would be clearer,clear as glass.Roads could sleep,finally, at last!The world would be happy,not filled with sorrow.We would feel great,for the coming of tomorrow.We would not feel,so full…… Continue reading The World

In My World

In my world it would be calm,I would feel no pain.Everyone would be happy,no-one would feel constrain.I wouldn’t be burdened,with the problems of the world.No pressure on my shoulders,all secrets uncurled.In my world we would’ve no wars,we’d be free from the treachery.Never would we feel war,not for centuries.Life would be nice,peaceful and lovely.We would be…… Continue reading In My World


I see the fish swim,in the blue.It is so beautiful,who knew?I see the light shine,so very bright.I don’t even think,I can manage to write.The coral is so pretty,so colourful.I’ve never seen it before,it’s almost abnormal.It is so peaceful,and very tranquil.I am so happy,so very thankful.Life couldn’t be better,under the surface.Underwater,never shall I resurface.


Life is something to enjoy,not to be wasted on a toy.Life is full of love,fluttering by like a dove.You are perfect the way you are,spread happiness near and far!Don’t change yourself for anyone,yes, don’t do it for someone.Be grateful for everything you own,even if you don’t have the latest phone.You’ll do great things in your…… Continue reading Life


Christmas time is near,have a cup of cheers.Celebrate with those you love,and clap to those you’re proud of.Bake some sweets,and share some treats.Set up the tree,don’t you agree?With tinsel and baubles,please remember your morals.So, Santa can give you presents,and can feel the pleasure of your desserts.Please be on your best behaviour,whether your name be Anna…… Continue reading Christmas