Don’t be stressed, you are blessed!

I’ve realised that the single-most effective way to keep the happiness quotient up in one’s life is Gratitude. Over the last few months, there were mornings where I found myself sinking, God knows under what; and in Rachel Green’s wise words – I felt like there was rock-bottom, 50 feet of crap and then me!…… Continue reading Don’t be stressed, you are blessed!

C for … Pandemic!

The C*-word has penetrated our lives! What we first thought was only a new flu strain contained within the Republic of C*, has now made to the whole globe, effecting the rich and common alike. A few seemingly unconnected words have almost become synonyms – Lockdown, Pandemic, Sanitiser, Toilet Paper, Essential and Wash-Your-Damn-Hands –  I…… Continue reading C for … Pandemic!