The morning is gloomy,
so extremely dark.
Halloween is here,
let’s get to the park.
Ghouls and Goblins,
are all I see.
Decorating the paths,
scary as can be.
Here’s the Haunted House,
standing all alone.
What is that I see?
I think it’s a bone.
Graves are popping out,
humans beware.
Your great uncle Bert,
might give you a scare.
I tread light as a feather,
afraid to make a sound.
I don’t want to wake,
any ghosts that might be around.
I open the door,
and what’s that I hear?
My friends threw a party,
and bought me cashmere!
I am so grateful,
and filled with glee.
I had so much fun,
Hooray, Yippee!

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