We are in house-hunt game, yes, again! This is the part where you laugh at me for having put myself (with hubby dear and a tween in tow) in this very situation, very enthusiastically…one…. more…time!! Having sold our 11th place and now renting the 12th, we are now looking for a last & final one, the 13th one! 13 by the way, if you are worried, is our lucky number. Funnily and a bit unlike my modern looks with all the tatts etc, deep down I am quite traditional and hell ya, a superstitious person. And that’s why, I believe this one will be it, the 13th one <spoken like “the chosen one”>!
And that is exactly why buying this one is such a big deal, knowing that this one “should” be it, no more uprooting will be tolerated, therefore you got be extra cautious of what you commit to. No change of mind returns, or exchanges allowed. The hubby and tween princess are counting on me to finally settle. My best friend even has me on record saying that this one will be it! Granted I was one bottle down (funny tasting wine by the way, wonder if it was the truth serum) but a commitment is a commitment! No pressure though eh!
Renting is, of course, easy, you don’t really need to commit cause it’s not your house, you’ve only borrowed it for a fixed duration of time, so you don’t get too invested emotionally or financially. Buying, actually, has been quite an easy transaction for me up until now given that I always told myself if I don’t like it after living in it, I’ll just sell and bam, move out, no strings attached whatsoever!
So, how do I do this differently this time around? I ask myself, and thanks to all the wisdom gained from experiencing all kinds of places, I now have a plan. It’s a strategic shift in my mind and that always requires an action plan, doesn’t it? This time around I am going to make an informed – decision and stick to it! How do I do that, I hear you ask. First step – treat this as a project! I now have a detailed requirements spreadsheet, and not just any set of requirements, carefully thought through, completely custom and prioritised requirements with weighted scoring mechanism embedded to help identify which available property fits the criteria better. No no don’t be amazed yet, I even did an options analysis in my ‘business case’ which had a “do nothing and continue to rent forever” option. I am now testing (inspecting) each solution (available property) against my requirements and recording my observations, so I don’t regret the Go/No-Go (Buy/No-buy) decision once it’s made. I know once a decision is made, I will have no trouble in implementing the necessary deployment activities (thanks to 12 times the experience).
The only catch, my wise friends, is that my ‘requirements’ are from now, and as you know life happens and our requirements change. What will I do when my requirements adjust to accommodate for life & its ways? Hey I know, a “Change Request”!!


3 thoughts on “‘Project’ified!!

  1. 13 – superb !
    All multiple of 13 are also very lucky , in any case they should be considered as family….keep going !!


  2. Not sure if ‘planning’ was on mind, but we did actually create a list of things we want/need before we head out for home-hunting. And when we actually found ‘our’ home, it was a surprise because the society was not even on our minds.
    It’s been 2+ yrs of living in it and I can tell you I’m glad I wrote down that list. Loving every minute of it :)
    All the best for your 13th one. Hope it turns out to be the ‘chosen one’.


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