Lockdown… again

This is the second day of stage 3, stay at home. Most of us probably feel bored, because we can’t go outside. But, we can still do the regular things we do everyday, and even try new things, we never had time for. Such as, cook new foods we have never had or made before, online shopping, and loads of others. It has also caused the problem, where you have to FaceTime friends and family, because you aren’t allowed to go to their house, and they aren’t allowed to come to yours.

This morning, I woke up extremely late, because it is my holidays, and asked myself the same question, ‘What should I do today?’, which I had been asking myself each morning. Here are some boredom busters I do when I get bored; Play an instrument, I have been particularly fond of the Piano and Harp, Help with cooking, Sketch, Colour, Read, Write, watch a movie, make a craft. There are so many more things to be listed, but the list is so supremely long, I cannot bother writing it all down. Hopefully, these gave you an idea for what to do.

We all hope that this Coronavirus goes away soon, but the cases we are getting here and everywhere are not exactly going to help us defeat it. We need to act as one in this war for human life and viruses, but, we need to stay far apart and social distance, else, this fight for lives is a waste. As Captain America once said, ‘The world is in our hands, it is up to us to do something with it, otherwise ‘The Coronavirus’ should have killed us all. See what I did there?

See ya Virtually,

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