The Flood

Swamp water is everywhere,blocking out the sight.Filling the rooms,with a very dull light. We are all evacuating,leaving in a rush.While the big blue monster,gobbles on its lunch. We don’t know where to go,should we go here or there.The beast isn’t far behind,so, we’ll go anywhere. Finally, it’s over,our houses are normal.We are all happy,and now…… Continue reading The Flood


The water splashes,on the ground.The Earth drinks,because water is found. Rain falls,children dance.They have now,got a chance. A lady sits,Staring ahead.Sipping tea,in her bed. The Earth is done,she has had a lot.The rain has gone,the clouds are all we got.

World War II

The world we now live on,was once a battlefield.Where soldiers fought,unconcealed. The world was at war,for the second time.Who was the one,who committed the crime? No one won,but the world had lost.The suffering was high,and that was the cost. Finally, the war was over,In 1945.The people rebuilt,at least those who were alive. Now the world,is…… Continue reading World War II


Red, orange and yellow,was all that I could see.This big, ferocious monster,chomping on a tree. Fire fighters were everywhere,saviours of our land.They did without asking,if one would lend a hand. They fought the big monster,who happened to be fire.Fighting like heroes,I really do admire. The monster took lives,we cannot gain.And now we must,feel the pain.…… Continue reading Fire


Magic lives all around us,hiding in a cage.Waiting to be unleashed,for those filled with rage.I may not be a magician,but I do not have to be.All I have to do,is try to be me. We are all blind,until we see light.We must go through the dark,to collect all our might.Life could be tragic,life could be…… Continue reading Magic