Once upon a time…

Today I am going to tell you a story, hopefully you enjoy it!

Once upon a time, in the galaxy Krecashia, lived a small, smart girl. She lived on the planet Magnetica. Magnetica was the Capital planet of Krecashia, it was also the most beautiful planet, according to those who lived on it. This small, smart girl was named Ayesha (pronounced Aisha). She was not like anyone else on Magnetica, she always had the certain hunch that they were not alone in this Universe. However, the Magneticanians did not like when someone thought outside of Krecashia. It was stated in their law, but Ayesha did not obey the rules ever.
 Law Statement#9,999,999 – You must not think about anything beyond the Galaxy borders, if done so then the rulebreaker’s head will be confiscated.
Ayesha always thought ‘how would they catch something going on in someone else’s brain?’.
Law Statement#10,000,000 – You must obey all laws or else there will be consequences.

Ayesha would dream about the outside Universe, and she would hope that one day she would get to join KIMSA and go on Space missions. KIMSA was like our NASA, it standed for Krecashia’s Interworld Magnetican Space Administration. KIMSA was only allowed to travel to the planets in Krecashia, otherwise they would – 1. pay a fine of 10,000 magoes (their money). 2. Go to jail for 5 years and 3. Have their head chopped of straight after coming out of jail. They were cruel people.

One day a meeting was held at MMP (Magnetica’s Meeting Place) in the city of Bancerra. All the citizens were invited, everyone had to show up, it was the law. At the meeting, Ayesha was so bored she fell asleep 2 minutes in. The sentence which abruptly woke her up was ‘our enemy the Cateranians have created a monster planet, which will be coming to destroy us. The catch is the monster can only gobble us up if we are heavily polluted, and as we all can see we have invented a pollution counter, this will tell us the amount of pollution in our world. As of now the pollution counter is 555,555,555, we can not let it get to one billion if it does, we will be doomed! I will now ask Ifiginia Delamora, our law writer,  to make a new law, this will be-
Law Statement#10,000,001- There must be absolutely no polluting on this planet, we do not care about the other planets, just this one!  

Ayesha was feeling two things at this moment, 1. Devastated. Her planet, life, family etc. were all in danger and 2. Annoyed. There was one more rule she had to memerise to say every morning, 9 days a week, 16 months a year. 

A few days had passed and the pollution level hadn’t changed, which raised the worlds fear of being gobbled up. 

6 months later 

Another meeting was held at MMP. They told the citizens that there had been a sharp rise in the pollution numbers, they were now 10 pieces short of a catastrophic, intergalactic destruction. Ayesha was now determined to get into KIMSA, and she had a plan to do just so. The day after that she snuck into KIMSA Lab and went into their flight room. She climbed in a nice spacecraft and worked out how to drive it, luckily there was a manual. She flew off, and heard a scientist scream ‘ That is a rogue plane!!! We need to stop it or we’re meat!!!’ A few seconds later, Ayesha had left the galaxy, she flew over to Cateranian, and realised that there was nothing there but a small rock the size of her house, and it was crunching the air around it. She used one of the guns and shot it into pieces, she grabbed a piece for proof and set off towards home.
When she arrived home, she told everyone what had happened, no-one believed her until she showed them the rock, The head of Krecashia congratulated her and gave her the highest prize ever- the Mobel prize! Ayesha was the most content in the Galaxy! Everyone wanted to be like her! And all the Krecashians lived happily ever after!

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