The online you vs the real you

Social media has a different effect on everyone. Nowadays social media is being used more than ever, mainly because of the Coronavirus. We now need it more to communicate with our friends and family, it’s one of the few ways we can talk to others. Have you realised that the online you is always different from the real you, the online version is like the person you want to be (the perfect version of you), and the real you is who you actually are.

Why do we have different versions of ourselves? Answer- because on social media we can be whoever we want to be. What I am saying is that you should be proud of who you actually are, embrace the inner you, don’t change who you are only to prove that you are better than others. I write for myself, I dance for myself, I study for myself. You should also be able to say that truthfully. You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone.

Every morning when you wake up, tell yourself- I am who I am, and I am happy to be me!- By saying this, you are telling yourself that you are not perfect but you don’t need to be perfect… You need to be you…

So stop pretending to be someone you are not, be who you are and be proud of it…


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