School from home

Many kids like me have started remote learning. Our houses have become a raging thunderstorm of classes, meetings, getting ready on time, not missing out on stuff that might be important, having all the resources we need and many, many more things. Our small brains have been exploding every day, in fact everyone’s mind is blasting. Why are we having headaches? Because we are having way too much screen time, and that is not good for us, is it? Things have been getting more complex everyday. Well, at least the ‘toilet paper’ shortage is over.

We are all familliar with the internet (unless you were born yesterday) and its advantages and disadvantages. We also know that we can’t do anything about it, so why do we crib? Answer- because we’re humans, and we all know the A’s and D’s ’bout that don’t we. School days seem longer, and much, much harder. At least the homework I am getting has been reduced, but I can see it rising! At this time of the COVID-19 we are doing most stuff online, like virtual catchups, meetings… etc. and sometimes the internet has a hissy-fit, why? because, we are using it so much it wants a break. How are we to fix this? This question is one of the many questions that don’t have an answer and one of the many questions we need the answer to. 

How do you think you’re gonna feel when this is all over? Can you even imagine going to your best friends house for a sleepover after this Coronavirus crisis? It is gonna feel weird. What will you say to your friends when you finally see them again? Where will you go when you are out of this house arrest? So many questions, so MUCH time! We now, being stuck at home, have so much time to do things we want to do. Remember do some exercise as well, don’t keep eating otherwise when we are allowed out, you won’t be able to come out (you know what I mean). What are we gonna do when this is over? What are we going to do now? Ask yourself these questions. I would love to know your answers, so please tell me in your comments below.



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