What would yours be?

Someone asked me today, if I could have one superpower, what would it be? Its a fantastic question, isn’t it? Gets you thinking about what would you truly really want that you cannot have with your normal skillset & talent. Now, some greedy people may have an unrealistic answer to this question, but mine is pretty reasonable…read on and tell me what you think?

If I had one super power, it would be, to have a small tiny little remote control with one button, that does the following on my wish:

  • One click and the whole house goes silent for a few minutes – nada sound from the laundry, or the dish-washer, or the refrigerator, the doorbell wouldn’t go off, that Avenger movie my daughter is watching for the Nth time shuts, the phone wouldn’t utter a beep, the snoring would mute, those people on that yet again Skype meeting would go quiet. How cool would that be, our very own surround no-sound button!
  • Click & hold and the whole world goes into a blip – Now I am no Thanos but just saying it wouldn’t hurt to get rid of all the bad nasty mean people on the planet, people who treat earth like trash, people who treat fellow people like trash, people who treat animals like trash, the racists, the sexists, the bad-ists in general, should get going!!
  • Double click for all the master-chef creations to magically appear in my freezer, the house becomes sparkling clean, no, wait, why only my house, everyone’s house, the whole planet becomes rubbish-free and everyone has good food and drinking water.
  • Triple click and the morons hoarding up on toilet paper and kitchen towels get a big tight slap on their face
  • Nod my head to turn Monday mornings into Friday, evening to be precise!
  • A quick touch to reduce all the weight I’ll gain during this lockdown and ever after
  • Rotate the control in the air to create a window to go into different timezones, near loved ones, with no dreadful flights and immigration checks!!
  • I think that should do it. Told ya mine was pretty practical, eh!

Oh wait, it wouldn’t hurt to have this remote control in rose gold, and very importantly,  it should be able to fit in my chubby but tiny hands as for some reason not all women’s dresses come with pockets..aargh! (wait, I might as well add this to above functionality, Thou shall always make pockets for women’s dresses!). I am pretty darn clear as far as my system requirements are concerned, aren’t I?

Go ahead, tell me yours…



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