C for … Pandemic!

The C*-word has penetrated our lives! What we first thought was only a new flu strain contained within the Republic of C*, has now made to the whole globe, effecting the rich and common alike. A few seemingly unconnected words have almost become synonyms – Lockdown, Pandemic, Sanitiser, Toilet Paper, Essential and Wash-Your-Damn-Hands –  I suspect I’ve heard these words more in the last 6 weeks than my own name or the word ‘sale’ .

Many of us are in lock down, in our respective homes, well, at least those lucky ones who have one and can stay home. Many things are different now. Never before would a couple have fought for who gets to put the bins outside, never before would grocery shopping been so glamorous and never before would have children helped as much with household chores! The cars sit in the garage, confused if they’ve been sold by the master to a dump-yard. The weather teases, seducing us to come and walk outside. But the police guarding your street is waiting to pounce.

There’s fear, there’s fun, there’s despair, there’s family time, there’s healthy home-made food, there’s more time to read or pick up that lost hobby, there’s frustration, there’s a lot of shit going on too!

We are very thankful to the medical community and will always be! They are definitely on the front line, standing tall courageously, for all of us.

May I suggest that we take a pause and thank our very own self too. Be kind to ourselves and our loved ones, as we survive and even thrive through these unprecedented difficult times! Lockdown doesn’t have to mean turning further away, lets use this time to come closer (virtually), to each other and most importantly to our own selves!

And yes, lets ensure this C word doesn’t turn into the D-word of draught! I know we are washing our hands religiously, we are washing more clothes, we are at home so perhaps washing our cars just out of boredom, gardening more, taking more showers/baths to keep ourselves clean or just because we can! Lets make sure we continue to use the water wisely, we only have as much! Our planet is reviving, they say. I’m glad, but we humans are notorious for breaking something else while fixing one! (You can tell I’ve been a software developer)

Lets be careful and pledge that when all this is over and we go about our ‘normal’ life, we only return to the good habits of our ‘normal’ and eliminate the ones that hurt us, our loved ones or our home, this planet.

Stay safe everyone, hugs to all


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