The year that was!

A very capable colleague at work suggested we all celebrate one achievement of ours from 2018 in our first team catch up this Jan. Well, that’s what a new year is for, isn’t it, reflecting upon the year that was!

The task was simple. We all had to think of one highlight from last year and talk everyone through it at work. Now how hard could that be? Turns out, very!!

Not because there was none, but because I had 365 highlights, okay fine, 200 highlights, or is it 180 days that we work….why do they pay us so much for not working half of the year……shhhhh!!

Back to the thought under process, work – wise, it was quite easy. Cause-and-effect comes naturally at work….higher duties + delivered commitments + organising awesome cultural events = Smashing IT (no pun intended)!Success!!

What became interesting was how this task got me thinking about what I achieved personally in 2018. The rest of the 180 days in the year were, afterall, personal.


Funny how my brain shifts towards ‘what did not go well’ when I look at my personal life. Agreed its only human. But then again, the more I think about it, the more I understand that that is exactly how life works. It’s not a party and doesnt give you goodie bags all the time. Its a series of events, presenting you with challenges (opportunities, I say) one after the other, and depending on how you face them, you earn experience, strength and wisdom, as each goes by.

Of course, things dont go as planned sometimes, because you are not the one running the show, you are only a participant and sometimes, the Organiser likes to have a little fun by throwing some curve balls your way, and truly, thats what makes life fun!

Did I plan for hospitalisation, or to get my car hit, or to have some people around me who I cannot stand and the ones who are the light of my life away for too long…..Nah…Not at all. But when I look back I see not the negative events but only the positive lessons I learnt from each. Staying a night in a hospital taught me to be more careful of my health, showed me what could it get to if I dont take actions right now to bring my health back on track. Well, having my car hit taught me…err…what to do when that happens…and that sometimes bad things happen to you for no fault of yours and that is absolutely fine and that sometimes tiny bad things happen only because the Organiser tried to avoid a bigger bad thing. So be grateful for the life you have, and ultimately that is the biggest achievement of 2018 – I survived!! Living away from loved ones for long periods of time makes you self dependant and leaves you more and more in love.

Apologies 2018, if I have portrayed you all gloomy and sad. Of course, you weren’t all bad. You brought me quite a number of fortunate events as well…like (finally) my first ever trip to the U the S of the A. (Now, I know that I really wasnt missing anything). Be it the chance to celebrate Diwali with family back home or catching up on new gossip with my bestie half way across the world, over a glass of old wine or simply celebrating my tiny family’s little big achievements with a slice of cake (no wonder nothing fit me at the end of year party)..Oh and the many chances to sit in the audience and clap and whistle (dont tell her it was me) in applause for my lovely daughter’s performances…you sure did give me enough joy 2018!!

And with some perfectly framed memories and wise lessons learnt, 2018 came to a wrap and so has this first post of 2019.



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