A lens never lies

Most people judge their fitness on how many miles they can walk without huffing & puffing, or what their BMI is; I on the other hand, judge my fitness based on how I look in a photograph. If I look fat, I am unfit, no matter what the weighing scale says; and vice versa. And yes, I have heard of the photo editing tools, and I know the latest ones can even make you look as proportionate as Barbie, but I abominate them from the bottom of my heart, you simply shouldn’t cheat like that.

Looking good in photographs boosts up my inner strength as nothing else does. I used to love being hubby’s model a decade ago, He would spend hours clicking them and I proudly shared them. But you know what, you do gain a lot when you eat lots of cake everyday, and I am not talking about wisdom here. I got the shock of my life when I looked at my then photos 2 years ago, I looked like I had another me seamlessly attached to me. I didn’t really do anything about it at the time though, as I had no motivation, aka ‘photo sessions’ aka holidays or parties coming up. Infact, I started detesting the camera, would hate getting clicked and got even more discouraged and self depriciating if I got to look at any pictures of mine. Aah! Feeling sad on how you look makes you take a guilt trip and is basically not a good space!!

Things are different now. My lifetime dream vacay is coming up. 9 weeks to go!! The motivation is at its peak. Because you cannot be in THE New York and look like a walking balloon, and you most certainly cannot share your photos with the GoldenGate Bridge looking larger than the bridge itself.

To not let the motivation die out any short of the finish line, I have fixed (lots of) rewards for me when I am on this holiday. And to keep my little exercise and healthy eating routine going, I tried a little something today, I did not shy away from getting clicked at an event at work. It served as a checkpoint, established that my routine is working and I am on the right track and at the same time, gave me hope that I can too regain my inner confidence soon.

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