Make it work (out)

For a long time now, the cycle has been Eat, Drink, Work, Sleep, and Repeat! Its got to change now! Its a new year, afterall. No, I did not realise this 13 days later. Just that this new year day, when I had the universal urge to make a few resolutions yet again, I held back. I thought let me check back in with myself in 2 weeks time, if I am still positive about making any sort of commitment, I’ll do it then! So the time has come and I must commit, because I want to!

Those who know me well, know how much I love change. Change excites me! I love to move houses if not the country, change cars, heck! I have even made darling daughter switch schools three times already, and she’s grade 3!! For those who don’t know, I am currently in my 12th house in 13 years across 4 countries. If I am unable to change house because of whatever constraint, I make sure the place changes they way it looks & feels every few months, an expensive affair, eh! some would say, I say you just got to be creative and it all works out satisfactorily.

I am thinking, my best chance at changing my lifestyle, is by channeling my love for change from the tangibles to the more higher & wiser senses. Let’s see how I get creative here. The goals are set, timeline fixed, hopefully I can make it! Wish me luck!



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