Color the damn grey hair!!

My colleague at work asked me to interview her preferred candidate for a second round, with the intention to judge if this applicant would fit in, of course all the applicants were technically sound. Now this was scheduled on a day which was super chaotic for me, travelling to various work sites, hence I got no chance to look at this person’s profile/resume.

In comes this beautiful girl, who could easily pass for a fresh graduate. The role was a senior one within the team, so in my head I had a doubt if she had the minimum required years of experience. Anyhow, the interview went quite well and she was finalised for the role. Later that day when my colleague and I got discussing on her optimum reporting line, she mentioned how the candidate may require flexibility to manage family & kids. “She wouldn’t have kids at this age, she may not even be married” I said. But my colleague recalled how this candidate may have mentioned about it subtely during the first round. I convinced her it couldn’t have been this candidate, given my poor colleague had interviewed 11 candidates in 2 days.

Last morning I had only reached my desk and hardly put my bag away when my colleague came to me and with a smile that conveyed I-was-right-but-I-am-too-equally-amazed said ” She’s 45, I checked her ID”. I was left open mouthed. And then started a discussion around my desk with the rest of the girls in our team who all had a story about knowing someone who looked decievingly younger than they factually were. We all started guessing each other’s age and I must confess, I never even came close to the decade let alone the age itself. Everyone’s so fit and gorgeous! Unfortunately for me, it was totally the opposite. Not even one person thought I looked younger than my age, infact the closest guess was 2 years older than may age. I was devastated. I look much older than I am. Ironically so, having skipped a grade in my early childhood, I was always the youngest in my class for all my student life. That meant I was the pampered one who was never taken seriously. I recall wearing zero power glasses only to prove to my classmates that I am as wise as them. I always liked to make friends with people elder to me, as they always had a lot to offer, knowledge wise; It wasn’t easy to fit in but I never gave up. As it turns out, my attempts to look older than my age really worked.

To make up for this realisation, that turned out to be a very sad one for me, I, did what any other wise girl would do, went for a hair makeover. My regular hair dresser had left the place, so I got assigned to a new stylist. This person, as they usually are trained to do, started with small talk. I was too depressed to talk about what do I do and how many years I have lived in Australia now. Seriously! I look a decade older than my age and you want to know if I miss my family in India. Poor Korean guy, I may have come across as an uptight person who wouldn’t entertain small talk at a salon. Anyhow, he stopped attempting after a few tries. A little while later, hubby dear texts me and I take my phone out. As I lock the phone after replying, my lock screen appears and my stylist nearly drops the gigantic size roller that he was about to tuck into my hair. ‘Hey, is that you in the picture?’, he asks. Annoyed that I was since morning, because of no fault of this poor guy, I replied’ Yes Yes! I have professional make up on in this picture, hence I look younger than I do in real life’. ‘What are you talking about, is that your daughter?’. I answered in affirmative. ‘I was actually going to ask you earlier that you should use your Uni card for student discount’. His innocence made me smile and my day was made!!





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