Thank You!

I have been thinking to write this post for a very long time now, glad it’s finally here!

Well, as many of you would know, since I never lose a chance to publicise it, that I am turning 30 very soon. I have recieved a lot of reactions to these advertisements though, and at times very contradicting as well, some are amazed that I really have been in my 20’s all these years (since I have been married for 8+ years now and I am a mother of an amazing toddler)…and then, there are some who think I am celebrating my 30th for the 5th time. Honestly, am turning 30 this September (Here I go again!).

And I am really happy that I am finally able to pen this post down before the Big Day. The last decade has been really great and much beyond my expectations, so I wanted to thank God, my family, my teachers and my friends, without whom I frankly don’t know if I would have ever looked forward with such excitement to my upcoming thirties. Do I sound like a celebrity receiving an award…huh!

Well most of my checklist  for the last decade got ticked (wedding, travel, motherhood, a house to call home etc etc), in fact some of the good things that happened weren’t even on my list (moving to Australia), and some remained( Master’s, Doctorate, Teaching, Writing a book, Visiting the US of A), I guess only to be fulfilled in the next decade.

But this article is not about my wish list, its about some people, some very important people who had been or came in life in the last decade, whom I haven’t really thanked enough, in fact I don’t recall thanking them explicitly ever, simply for being what they are and for being there for me. I know calling you all or thanking you in person would have been better, but given that all of you are spread across the world, I don’t think that would have been fair (read valid) on my pocket; Jokes apart, you know how I am, I think I can express myself much better with my words here.

Embrace yourselves all, for here comes the list.. More than 30 people who have made “The journey to 30”, a fairytale for me!

Ma & Papa – You were the first people I saw when I opened my eyes to this world (Of course this is something I dont remember but have been told forever by you) Since then, you have protected me, nurtured me, fed me, educated me and every inch of me is thankful for all your sacrifices to bring me where I am today. Mamma, I still remember troubling you; Papa, I know I haven’t been the best at times, But I wish, I really do hope that one day all the values that you have inculcated in me would make you very, very proud of me.I love you both! Thank you!

Ma Papa – In Law –  I was as scared as any new bride of her future in laws when I first met you both, but your unconditional love made me comfortable instantly and I knew I had made the right choice. Mamma, you are an epitome of strength and an inspiration for me in every sense. Thank you!!

Bhupesh – Ok, I just sat there for 5 minutes after typing your name, Where should I start from, I just ran out of words when my mind starting describing your position in my life. Bhupesh, you are my soulmate.  I cant write each & every which way that you have made a difference to my life, but I can say – There are so many moments when I feel that God would really love me, for blessing me with a husband like you, who not only believes in me, but makes me believe in me and helps me become a better person every single day! Thank you!

Aahana – God loves me the most, look, He’s blessed me with you too. I couldn’t have asked for a better addition to my family than you darling. Your presence in my life has given me a sense of direction, a sense of being, an important role, the most important role I could ever achieve. I dont know if you would have anything to learn from me, But I sure learn a lot from you, every single day. How I wish I am able to make you capable enough to fulfil all your dreams! May you always have the best! Hugs, Kisses & Thank you!

Bhai & Bhabhi – My Big Bro, Manoj. There were times when I hated you, there were times when I was proud of you & there were times when I cried for you because you were going away for your first ever job. Just Like Mamma & Papa, you protected me , taught me, and took care of me. I have always trusted you and have always looked up to you for a lot of advise:). Thank fully you have not started charging me for that yet…Haha!! Love you lots! You are doing great! Oye Ravneet Bharjai, remember that first meet at IIT Delhi, We all hit it off like we had known each other forever. So proud of the first ever female in the family in medical profession. Thank you!!

Kiran & Vivek Jiju – Kiran, I had always wanted a younger sister and I found her in you. Your patience, endurance, respect for everyone always inspires to be better. Never lose your innocence. Jiju, your down to earth nature has won us all! Thank You!

Renu Sethi Bhabhi –  You have been my idol, for a very long time. I respect you and wish we could be in touch more than once a year. Thank you!

All my relatives – who came to attend my wedding, because believe me, your support was and is a Big Deal for me!! Thank you!

Shilpy – The first girl I met when I entered the lawns of a big private city school for the first time, Grade VII. Girl, you made the first 4 years of MVN awesome!! I still remember the laughs, the lunch recess (where you used to bring super delicious food and you used to love the mango chutney in my box), 3pm calls to discuss the homework….and how I adored your mamma, her jokes & stories, they were the best laughter medicines ever! Thank you!!

Nidhi Rana, Nidhi Verma ,Chitra & The Wise (as in the Y’s) – We were a gang of 8 gals, super hawt!! super awesome!! haha!! and all our nicknames ended in “Y”(Ricky, Jenny, Bunny..), hence the name “The Y’s – Wise”. I just recalled one incident when we all couldn’t stop laughing after playing some pranks on our class boys. Super spirited bets during the lectures, assignment copying, crush sharing…..haha…You girls rock!! Thank you for introducing me to the other world!

DJ & CHUMS – Deepshikha Jindal, Now Khurana, your never say die attitude was the backbone of our group . 6+1 that was CHUMS, the gorgeous girls of YMCA :). Yeps, that +1 was me. I was a late entry into the group. How I admired all of you! Shikha- aye haye your beautiful looks and the jumper goof ups; Rupal, our very own blondie; Angie – Man am still jealous of your beautiful feet; Preety – Our very own Don :); and Poojie the studious guitarist..Thank you Gorgeous Ladies for the amazing 4 years! I survived Uni, only because of You!

Dikshit, Harry, Bhan – The lab group. I have learnt a lot from you guys and you stood by me, in many ways. When I was struggling for true friends in uni, I found you, right there! Thank you!!

Kavita Mam – Kavi, our first meeting was a joke on me, but it truely was a pleasure. I respect you for a self made lady that you are! Go ahead, you have the power to fulfil all your dreams and in turn you inspire many to fulfil theirs, am one of them! Thank you!

Rashmi Mam – Loads of Respect! Always! Thank you!

Muskan – Partners in Crime! Haha! Well, we’ve always helped each other out, and how can I forget your luxurious car drives to the school and college! Thank you!

Daksh Jasra – Had it not been for you, I would have never met Bhupesh! Thank you for recommending my name to his band!!

Meenakshi & Sachin Talwar –  It does happen quite often that when two people are in same situation/pickle, they tend to hit it off instantly, but what isn’t seen that often is when one of them tries to bring the other one out of it first. I found a friend in you, when I was at my lowest. You helped me rise and look beyond, to the better world. I look up to you for who you are! Thanks Meens! Pls aaja yahaaaan!! Sachin, You Rock! Thank you!

Vishobha & Ankush – What beautiful cheering smiles!! Vibhu, Our lunch dates during your pregnancy, best time ever! Thank you!

Shikha, Ritu , Savita, Laxmi –  I so loved your company when I had it. You are such joyful souls, spreading love and laughter forever, Thank you!

Chandira Aunty – Aahana’s Malaysian Naani, I love you for everything, you are no less than my mom to me. Loads of respect and love & Thank you!

My Mentors & Colleagues at the various workplaces –  Some colleagues, some friends for life, made the workplace fun and I loved going to work each day. Thank you for everything guys & gals!!

I know I might have missed out on many, But please give me the benefit of time, its 1:22am afterall, BTW I would really like to make a whole different list for people who tried to make my life hell and how I loved defeating them..haha!! Aah, what great thoughts retro’s give you!*** Feeling Great*** and BTW Did I mention I am turning 30 in a few days!!!

PS – If your name was up there, I know you are delighted that I kept my promise, pls send me my Choco Lava Cake now!

If your name wasn’t up there, but you had expected it to be – Awww!!…Send me 2 Choco Lava Cakes & better luck in my 40th Bday post!

If you don’t know me, and you still managed to go through the whole emotional drama up there, I know how tortured you’re feeling Man! Go have a drink & watch some F.R.I.E.N.D.S to cheer you up!!!




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