Unqualified Parenting

I was wondering today that we don’t get any job in the world unless we are qualified for it – forget about the big hot shot degrees holders, even when we employee a domestic help, we ask for her experience and test her cooking/cleaning/babysitting skills before making our decision – everyone wants a skilled person to do their job, be it a multi-national, or a simple household. Fare enough!!

But THEN,  why on earth are we not educated, or checked to be qualified, to be a (good) parent prior to becoming one, when in fact becoming a parent is THE most important job that we probably do in our whole life span – after all it means to have successfully shaped a life, a human being –  who would become an independent individual one day, with whom the society has to deal with one day, who will go on to form another set of family one day….An individual who should know the meaning of loving, respecting, caring, working, living life & yes, PARENTING.

And yet, for the most important job in the world, nobody checks if we can do it right, nobody checks if we have the right skills, nobody, the child doesn’t hold an interview before employing us in the lifelong parenthood contract (that would be weird though…). No checks, absolutely None!! Anyone can become a parent, of course with the right organs in the right place…

People say, parenting comes to everyone naturally. Really?? Does it? I beg to differ here. No it doesn’t. Most of us parents are learning everyday by hit n trial, and most of us feel good about what we do because the results aren’t out yet, they would be out decades later, may be we wont be here when the results would be out.

Some say, its simple, extreme of anything is bad – so just exercise moderation, in love, pampering, anger, feeding etc. But I wonder at times, how much actually IS too much?? And then, there are others who would say, just follow your parents, and I am like yeah!! I wish I could! But just 2 concerns– I cant seem to recall anything from 25 years ago…and I am not living in a time 25 years ago!!!

I wish there was a mandatory parenting course, which could make us all understand some basic concepts on parenting, so that our children would turn out to be better humans than us and of course would then make this world a much safer place to live…

Until then, like all others, I’ll continue parenting on my instincts , keeping faith – fingers crossed for the results!!!

One thought on “Unqualified Parenting

  1. Really liked the post. You’re so right that none of us know that what we’re doing is good or not. All of us are mostly following instincts and praying to God that it turns out fine in the end :) Really hope it does.


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