The Terror in Pink!! Eh..Slip!

Fun fact: when written in Chinese, the word Crisis is composed of 2 characters – one represents Danger & and the other represents Opportunity. I can so relate to it today and seriously, our fate depends on the part we focus upon. I truly believe that everything in this world happens for a reason, we are here for a reason, we are not at some place for a reason, we are not with some people for a reason, and a good one for that matter. Some things are way beyond our control and they should be left that way.

Anyway, this is what I am witnessing sitting here at my desk at Not-In-A-Very-Good-Phase workplace…..

A smile, A sad smile, A genuinely sad smile!
A guilty smile! I-did-try-my-best smile!!
A told-ya-not-to-mess-with-me smile!
A concerned smile! I-am-with-you smile!!
A fear smile! A so-many-years-in-vain smile!!
A confident smile! A Thank-God smile!

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