Simple Little Pleasures in Life!!

I have noticed a change in me, and I am working to maintain it. I used to be a very short-tempered, frustrated- about-anything-and-everything kind of person. It showed on my face and it was taking a toll on my behaviour with my family and peers. But lately, I am seeing a new me in me. Petty little things that used to go unnoticed in my fast-paced-no-time-to-breathe life earlier, are now making a difference to my days. I capture such tiny incidents, smile about them and lock them in my mind for the day, and those positive butterflies dance all day in my head. Impact – no anger, minimal frustration!! Yayyy!!

Now what these incidents are – I had never in my life travelled independently, during my spinster days. And now, here I am, running to catch a tram, to reach my child eagerly waiting for me at her kindie. Although I hated running during my school days, it feels like an achievement now having caught that tram with a little effort. In another incident, I was walking towards a nearby shopping centre, and this autistic child holding his mom’s hand smiled at me, and I smiled back and then her mum smiled back at me, it was nice, filled my heart with admiration for that mum and love for that child. If Aahana speaks a new word, aww, how it delights me; when I see her making new friends and hugging her friends and not crying when I leave her at her day care…’s a joy! And aww that hug that she gives me before reciting her zillion stories from the day when we meet again in the evening!! Bliss!!

Losing a few grams, being able to control my sweet tooth when I see a freshly baked brownie with chocolate sauce dripping and spreading captivating aroma, right when I am on my way to buy a salad for lunch…..Yippee…I did it!!

Happiness is just around the corner, look up & find some in your days & see the difference for yourself!!

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