Waiting for a good one!!

I am disappointed, again! I am a die-hard Ranbir fan. Undoubtedly, Ranbir Kapoor’s charm is superlative, but why does he have to choose projects which fail to click with me. I saw him first in Bachna Ae Haseeno, and that was a first class performance by a very cute boy. I saw that movie twice, which is a big deal cause I never did that before for any other movie (now that I think, except for Jab We Met). Perhaps, BAH clicked, not only because of his captivating good looks but also because of the concept. I could totally relate to the idea of going beyond the obvious to say sorry to someone you hurt.

And then I was eagerly waiting for RockStar, which turned out to be nothing more than music for soul. Of course I loved the music, but having said that, the only thing that added more to this film, for me, was his character’s presentation. Some people said they simply adored the movie, but not me. Even though Ranbir was in it. The concept of an ex-lover trying to disturb a girl’s married life is totally unjustified to me. Perhaps I needed more reason to goof up poor dying lady’s marriage. And to add to it, Nargis was too much to tolerate for 3 hours…sorry lady, but that’s the truth!


And now, I was expecting a lot from YJHD, but it’s nothing more than yet another disappointment. The direction is poor, the story has so less to it. The only USP being that people would love to see the two-ex patch up again. In fact, some dialogues really did add a meaning (read masala) to their broken-relationship. Though Kareena and Shahid failed to create fun out of Milenge Milenge , Deepika-Ranbir have done much better a job here.  Kalki is again looking terrible in Indian ethnic wear, gal please spare us of your horrible lehanga looks. You look anorexic and malnutrition-ed.

And although the director could make even the Melbourne audience whistle and clap on their kiss, neah, still not good enough for me!!

Ranbir, buck up Man!

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