My Brave Bub!!

Here goes the story. We were on a vacation in Penang when we decided to visit the famous hill. It was a fun ride up to the hilltop and the weather couldn’t have been more pleasant!! The aerial view of Penang was mesmerizing. We were exploring the different cultural exhibit stalls when my brave bub here, noticed the stall where tourists were getting their pics clicked with this giant reptile. I had my heart in my mouth when I saw her daring to line up in the queue to get her pic clicked too. Hub and I were in total amazement, given that it was a snake, a Snake!! and this 3 year old gal wanted to wrap it around herself (perhaps she thought it was just a really broad skipping rope, silly!!)….Anyway, we didn’t want to show her how scared we were, so we did line up with her, and in my mind, I started thinking of ways to trick her into the neighbour henna tattoo stall before her turn comes up. This brave gal didn’t move to get even a lolly unless her turn came and when it did, to my joy, the guy at the stall declared “she’s too young to hold the heavy snake around her neck/back’, but what came next had me shaking from head to toe, “but she could sit with just the tail on her lap while one of her parents holds the snake”!! Aaaaaah, I just wanted to press my hands against her ears, so that she doesn’t hear the alternative solution to her dream click with a Python.

Anyhow, we did try to convince her by saying that the man is saying that only big girls can have a pic with the python and we’ll come here again after a few years to get your pic clicked. But my girl, so full of emotions, said: “I am not so small, I am also a big girl, I always finish my food and you had said that whenever I finish my food I grow”. Now, what would a mom’s heart do at that statement being thrown at it by your oh-so-cute-teary-eyed-gal? Well Well Well, the mom side of my brain ushered in courage in the remaining scared part and there we were, again in the queue.

And our turn came, we were up on the stage. I am not sure I asked how heavy it was, but I can proudly say I was lighter. So there it was this yellow colour biiiig, heavvvy, slimmmyyyy, yuckkkkkk thing wrapped on my neck and shoulders, with my heart sitting next to me, yeah I mean quite literally. Now the twist, this brave and curious-to-wrap-a-snake-on-her-body girl,  suddenly became so scared and couldn’t even manage a smile with the snake so close to her. And because of her, I had to keep the snake on unless she smiles and has a good click, but she didn’t and finally, I gave up.

And this is how the final pic came out, with the cruel mom scaring her cute daughter with the reptile. <Screaming>Now That’s not True!!!!!!!!


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