You are worth it!! Stay blessed!!

We, the women, are the strangest & the most interesting creation of God. Sometimes I feel we have in us, each and every feeling, ever created and felt in the world. And the best part is, we are different, not only from any other species but from our own selves at two given points in time. We are powerful to run a billion-dollar firm, but we are delicate at heart enough to cry when a friend declares good news,  we are clever at one time and emotional fools at the other; we are quick to get angry and quicker to forgive; we dress as royal queens sometimes and other times, messy PJs look is all that we need; we are brave to deliver a baby, but a small roach on the bathroom floor can scare the bejesus out of us; we love like no one else can, we hate like no one else can even think of; we are happy and flying at times and at others, sad for no good reason whatsoever!

Mood swings are one essential part of being a woman! Let’s accept it, at times, for no good reason whatsoever, we show our worst to people whom we love the most and then we hate ourselves for it.It is as if, if we do not have any problems or stress creating bugs in sight, then we start looking for them. If we do find them, we are reasonably sad and if we don’t find them, we become sad that we do not have anything to be sad about. Yes that’s true! and its not our fault! Our model was designed that way!

So, the big question is, if there is a solution to this madness caused by searched sadness! Yes! There very well is. The key is to stay alert. Stay alert to these bugs that creep in to our mood and destroy our day. Why not just kick them in their ass and instead try out something immediately that makes us happy. Here are a few pointers, these work for me, hopefully you might find a one or two that lift you up too….check these out and don’t forget to add suggestions to this list. You might be helping a man coping with a swingy woman!!

Count your blessings – and do this every single day at a time of your convenience.You’ll be amazed by how many you came up with if you would really try. Believe me, it works wonders! And If you have religious faith, then do remember to thank your God for those, every single time.

Pamper Yourself – Once in a while pamper yourself. Take some time off, from every possible responsibility that you own and just do what you have to. Go out wonder in the rain, take pictures, write something, spare some time for your hobby, listen to your favorite music at a volume of your choice, visit a spa, get a beauty service, take a nap, try retail therapy; simply indulge yourself completely in what you like and not what you have to. Even an hour would do good!!

Make time for besties– Always find time to talk to friends that make you happy, however far they may be. Stay connected. More important than that, cut out the ones that make you sad. They do not deserve you and your time. A small chat with a positive friend can transport you to another world all together, a world full of joys and wonderful times spent together.

Cook your favorite meal = Bake a chocolate cake– Cooking will give you a sense of great achievement plus you will have a meal of your own choice to relish upon, cooked just right to your taste. and my my, who doesn’t love chocolate and its scientifically proven magic effects on our mood.

Share your happiness – You know what, you share one happy news to the world and the world will bounce back with many more. This is tried and tested. I just did this one today on my FB page. I am happy with many reasons and shared those with my friends. Before I knew, I could see more happy news brought to me by friends who remembered to tell me there share after reading my status and so began many happy conversations with many of my friends. Positive attracts positive, is the law of attraction in the universe and it really works. Additionally, you will be happy to see that so many of your friends are genuinely happy in your happiness and that would surely double it!

Most important, Love Yourself – Nobody can make you happier or sadder than you. Learn to cheer yourself up because you put yourself in a state of sadness first of all. You are the best person in the world and the one person who deserves most of your love is YOU, you are totally worth it!!

Stay Blessed!



7 thoughts on “You are worth it!! Stay blessed!!

  1. Reema Ma’am : yeh to meri post publish hone se pehle chori ho gayi :P , I was going to write exactly the same post on my blog next :P.But I am happy to see such a similar and happy thought process :) , I have so many friends cribbing all day for no good reason, and I wonder that they need to be reminded all these things – but they made me realize that many many people need to be reminded of these things – which you mentioned here in the post – they seem obvious , but still not many of the people follow them


    1. am glad Deexa that we both have similar thought process!! Actually, I am one of those people who need constant reminders to obvious things and tha’ts why i wrote this in the first place


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