Uniform, Shoes and Cute Little Pigtails!

O my Little Princess

I couldn’t Sleep All Night

Tossing & Turning..Looking at your Angelic Face

Thinking if the time was Right

And As you take your First Steps towards that School Gate

I feel Something in my Heart is Sinking

You are all Delighted, proud of being a big girl today

But my Discomfort, You too are Sensing…

Running, You come Back to Me

to give me a Hug, my Sunshine

That Twinkle in your Eyes tells me

“Mamma I’ll be just Fine…”

There you go running back to the school

Excited to make new Friends and Explore new things

I am as excited too…

But as the gate closes and my Eyes can’t see You

I am restless again and the stupid Tears roll by

Your Father holds my hand and says,“She can manage”

“I know, I know she can…but can I?”

These aren’t the tears of joy I would say, nor of sadness or emptiness…

they are of mixed Feelings..feelings beyond words, that a Mother is made of…..

“My eyes can’t wait for the noon….”

O God!! Why do Little Girls grow up too very soon…

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