Few things I’ve learnt–the hard way!!

1. The worst time to introduce a new fancy water bottle to your kid – Just before a longggg journey!! Unless You want to check out all the toilets on the way. I mean you would beg them every hour to drink water and not get dehydrated, but if they are bored with that bottle/sipper they wouldn’t just pay a jellybean size attention to you….huh!

2. The worst time to quit a job – Just after you get promoted!! Unless you really want to put your manager down. I mean , perhaps he had a hard time proving you among others to get you this one and you just walk away….making him ashamed of his choice. Not Done, Man!!

3. Never Say Never –  and not even while saying this quote I’d say! This word is one egoistic butt, There, you use it and its right after you, to prove you wrong and make you do what you had n*v*r thought of doing. And actually its an amazing way of changing what you want to do. Mind this little Rascala!!

4. Finish what you begin – I have not regretted anything more than the things I have started with lots of excitement and commitment and left them half the way. I wish a day would come when I would be eased off these burdens running behind me , An incomplete MBA degree, Incomplete Piano course, My incomplete book, Incomplete Dance Classes, and don’t get me started on my gym routine…In what year would this list be striked off with nothing more in the To-complete Bucket…<sigh>

5. Love your parents – Sometimes I wish I could just run to them and tell them ‘Sorry’ & ‘Thanks’ with a tight hug.

6. Value Friends – I have always taken them for granted. I wish I had been more careful in my past friendships and given them as much (time) as was expected. A Big Sorry to all those friends who thought I didn’t care!!

Getting quite nostalgic now actually….I wish I could complete this post…..Hell yeah…another item added – you are winning “My To-Complete’ List..Hate Ya!!

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