6 Kinds of people on Melbourne Roads

One of the many changes that Melbourne has brought to my lifestyle is, the love for walking. When we were living in KL, a few months ago, ‘walk’ for me meant going from the bedroom to the kitchen, and max to the car park. But since the day I have landed here, there have been only a few number of days when I haven’t walked a minimum of 3-to-4 kms a day. I really did not plan that and  am not aiming at any weight loss either, its just that there’s something about Melbourne that makes you fall in love with everything that’s its culture and walking surely is. People, irrespective of how high or low in stature they are in the society, walk; Walk to Work, Walk to Grocers, Walk to Cafes, Walk to Schools, Walk to Parks, Walk to Shopping and now surprised that I am with myself, I love to choose to walk too.

I guess its because I like to observe the people in this city. Since I have no prior friends in this city, I have found out all by myself and walking has really helped in exploring and understanding Melbourne. Walking makes you feel totally in control, independent, in touch with everything you come across….and yeah, it does help you keep fit[ umm…not if u eat a brownie full with chocolate frosting and vanilla ice cream following dinner , that I just had  sluurrpppp!!! <ashamed>]

Huh…anyways….so this morning, I was on my way to drop Aahana at her kindie, which is approx. 2 kms from our home, and like always, we chose to walk (Aahana in her stroller) and I couldn’t help but categorizing the people I saw into the following 6 categories

High Heel Converters – These ladies are walking in a complete professional attire from head to to..un..un..un…not toe only until little above the toe…For God’s sake they are either in a thong or sneakers….Ouch….that just undid the whole professionally gelled straight hair and the jet black pencil skirt suit. What is mandatorily found with them is a supersize bag, which could have kept a cat too, but in this case it just carries their high heel pumps for them to change into as soon as their office premises begin. Walking freak, u might think eh! But am sure they must be in love with their ankles daring to carry a look like that in public.

Sweaty Tights – These helmeted sexy fluorescent tights men have bicycled all the way from the nearby suburbs to the city for work and now are walking the final steps to park their bikes before they would shower in their office washrooms and change to their ‘suit boot’ look. I admire them for doing their bit to save the environment and doing ‘more than a bit’ to keep fit.

The Tourists – With a backpack, a camera hanging from the neck, a water bottle in one hand and a pamphlet or map in the other. These species are usually seen asking a stranger to click a pic of them in front of a tram or the waterfront. Not to mention , I recognize Chinese tourists instantly with their pose in which they click or get clicked(if you know what I mean).

The Stroller Pushers – Yes that’s the category I fit in and am so glad that there are so many other mums strolling their kids too. There are just too many activities you can enroll your kids in here, and we lucky moms are always busy taking their kids somewhere or the other. Its just a lovely way to sing along with your kid while strolling.

The Boring – These people are usually dressed for office to perfection – Suits, Leather Shoes, Laptop Bags, Sometimes aid glasses instead of sun glasses and of course a headphone emerging from one pocket of the trouser….Break anyone???

The Glamour People – Come 6pm and suddenly you feel you are on a high fashion street in Milan. Smokey Eyes, Higher than skirt heels, Glittery dresses, Men in black – the party people are all over the city and the captivating music coming from everywhere just wont let you walk straight.

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