Happy Housewife!!

I must confess, first of all, that I have missed this page more than anything in the last 4 months and that clicking on ‘Windows Live Writer’ icon today has given me such an inner peace…Feeling this happy couldn’t get any easier!! Hell yeah, I am back baby!!

So where have I been, may you ask, I was busy pretending to be an earning woman[ I wont say working woman because a non-working woman, doesn’t really exist, right?], Trying very hard to keep up being a mommy and a wife at the same time too, until I realized, all this and for what! Lesson Learnt – Always step your feet into something when you really really know that’s the right kind of work you want to do!

It took me 4 months and more, to realize that I never really wanted to come back to corporate world, not when my kid is in a stage that she needs me for her foundation years. And to be frank, that’s not the only reason. I have wanted to study higher, and need not forget, carrying the regret of having abandoned my MBA degree just by a few weeks, I now wish to get this regret off my back too.

Having said that, I don’t believe in planning for the future anymore, because you actually don’t know what’s going to happen the very next moment, forget about planning for months; So here I am, learning to take life as it comes and reacting appropriately; silently wishing Life to take the turn I want it to take!

The happy part is what this short stint back at the corporate world has taught me – the advantages of being a housewife! And now, I really don’t mind calling myself one..a happy & proud one indeed!

So a big High Five to all my fellow happy & Proud Housewives!!! Yeah we rock!!

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