Dropping South

This decade of mine is taking me places and am loving it. I think by far the current decade[still 2 years to go] will be the most cherished one from my life. and why not, when it has been truly what I would have ever asked for & more!!

It began, when a 20 year old gal held her first ever appointment letter and later spent all her first salary in things she wanted to do; Getting married to the love of her life less than a year later; and landing on an international land for the first time in her life. Witnessing diverse cultures across the world, interacting with managers whom she could barely understand the first time[who would know poducgoup actually meant Product Group], watching sunsets across the sea. Cyprus marked the time of my life and by far the best time of this decade.

Moving  south to Pune, India, marked another great deal. Buying a flat/car dictated financial stability and there came the most beautiful part of a woman’s life – Motherhood!

Life took its turns,yet one more to south, dropping us at KL. Aahana has started her base pre schooling here and I have learnt my own lessons. Malaysia truly has been teaching us all, and in many ways!

Moving forward, I mean south, actually now to southern hemisphere, am assuming would be the last leg of this happening decade of my life. Looking forward to this one with equal hope as the last few ones…..

Bring It On Life!! Trust me You are doing great!!


P.S: Dear Life, I have  no complains, just one request, I don’t want to land on Antarctica when I am 30!

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