Time Travel with a Musicoholic!

I am sure I am not the biggest music maniac in the world, but that doesn’t make me any less of a Musicoholic. Now that might not be a recognized word but it perfectly describes what music does to me. Music, in any possible form, mesmerizes me. Let me tell you a little secret of mine. If I am low and you really care to uplift my mood, it won’t take much of an effort. Just play a rocking number and you would find me tapping my feet within a few Nano-seconds. And some might not even believe it, but even in the best of my spirits, if you play a song that I relate to sad memories, I would definitely be shedding my eye’s water content off before the song even finishes.

I am like that and I actually like this characteristic of mine. I may not be good at it but music is a quintessential part of my life, I couldn’t have managed without. Some people say that movies are a lot more different than real life since there is no background score in the latter. But I disagree, for me, there is, there always was. And that is why I always relate a heard piece to a particular time span of my life, sometimes a particular episode in my life, sometimes with a person or a place, sometimes with a journey or even with a conversation. And that is how I travel time, while I actually am listening to a number in present; I reach a particular day in my last 27 years of history –  I relive going to school when I hated it if the song that was played in my school bus plays, I am again crying on my first break up when I hear the song I used to hear that time to heal my heart out of it, I am again preparing for a college festival when the related song reaches me, I can be on the snowy mountains of Cyprus one moment, and in another, floating in the dead sea. I could be designing and decorating  my first own flat and the next moment, in the labor room , delivering my baby…. , and sometimes even in a future planned event – like a family function, a wedding that I should definitely be a part of or when my daughter would leave me and settle on her own, in her own family….

And something makes me believe that it really helps to have memories synch up with the melodies of that time, you always stay in touch with your past and future while enjoying your present. I need no funny gadgets to be in my past or future…

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