5 lessons I took from my stay at Cyprus!


Without much-a-do, here are those:

No:5 – You Do get fat if you eat cake everyday!! And..You don’t lose it by feeding yourselves cornflakes for weeks

If someone is given 2 pictures of mine, one when I entered Cyprus and another when I left, The person would assume I am advertising for some weight loss center, just that he would arrange the before & after in the wrong order. I gained more than 10 Kgs in mere 18 months. and Why? would you ask….because I thought I could never gain weight, given how skinny & malnutritioned I looked at the time of my wedding , I ate n ate n ate the yummy desserts after yummy lunches at the office…I just couldn’t resist. And whilst Bhupesh would be onsite for months, I would eat only cornflakes, out of lazy-lonely-ness, for months, and never lost 1 bloody gram from my whole mass.

No:4 – Hard Drinks taste Ugggghhh!! Yikes!!

Yes , I was a baby and had never tasted one until Cyprus, and when I did I realized they are simply Yuck! How the hell do people get addicted to such feet like tasting drinks. Well Anyways, who needed alcohol to get a high when u r a newly wed…..if u know what I mean *wink wink*!!

No:3 – One must never put red cabbage in a mix veg dish!

I would never forget this episode[although I have had the honor of goofing up so many times, but this was the first one].Anyways, You know how it is when u r newly weds and all friends invite u for dinners. And then comes your turn. So after a few weeks in Cyprus, I decided now was our turn to invite our friends to our place. I knew nothing to cook, as one may guess & unfortunately watching recipes on youtube didn’t occur to me. So I did my best, just that I didn’t know that I had to boil the chickpeas before making the punjabi chhole…not my fault right…so what if you would need teeth of iron to chew those chhole. Thankfully rice and poori’s turned out to be tolerable, so the couple victim of our first experiment had at least something to munch on! And for all those like me, always remember, red cabbage makes a mix veg dish look like s**t.

No:2 – The best thoughts come to you in a silent moment by the beach

I fell in love with the Mediterranean sea the first time I had a glimpse of it. And there were times when doing nothing and just sitting by the sea gave me the ambience and thoughtfulness to calm my senses and have an insight …I loved that feeling of nothingness and yet having so much around!

No:1 – Fighting is Good!

Loving is another thing and living is another, so when we first came to live together, my husband and I had our own share of arguments and quarrels. And a bit later we did realize how those actually shaped the understanding to each other’s expectations & strengthened our relationship. We couldn’t have been in a better situation had it not been for the initial couple formation feuds.

Coming Up Next – Lessons from Pune & KL

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