Lovely Bali

After a 3 hour flight from KL to Bali, the first thing that Bhupesh said on the Indonesian land was “Man! Its damn Humid!”. But I was too excited to notice. My research had warned me that it wasn’t a good time to go to Bali, weather wise of course, a good time is from March to Oct; But I was so enthusiastic to be undertaking this vacation as under a promise of celebrating each wedding anniversary at an exotic location, I just had to be in Bali on the 6th one. I said “ Na, I feel quite pleasant”. The VOA and Immigration hardly took any time. I guess may be the airport was meagerly populated only because it wasn’t the peak season to be here. Anyways, I actually never like to be at a crowded place. So it was all proving to be a good start.

We were going to stay at Ayana Resort & Spa Bali and the pictures on the web were simply out of the world. As soon as I had seen the pictures & booked the resort 3 months ago, I had hardly had a dream which didn’t involve the resort. I was really praying that it would be, as is promised. I had also made a research on the “Must See places” in Bali and had my itinerary ready, with the help of all my lovely friends who have been to this marvelous island. All was set!

As we reached, we had a lovely welcome with flowers, refreshers and gong sounds, But what I saw on entering the lobby wasn’t what was promised. I stood their still for a moment. O My Gosh! Its prettier & more real than the pictures..its more than promised…I was almost speechless during the check In procedure. I didn’t want to go to the room instead explore the 200 acres resort first, but of course, there was little Aahana with us. I had to give the poor child a little time to relax out her tired self. We spent a few minutes at the room and then headed straight out to explore what we have come to, holding a resort map in hand. It really was huge, exquisite & incomparable.

The Rock Bar

More than 5 pools, 10plus different cuisine restaurants, a Spa on the Rocks, A huge kids area equipped with all kinds of toys and play stations, & most importantly “The Rock Bar” – it was aptly described as 360degree of sheer glamor. I couldn’t have asked for any more a better place to celebrate my love and our 6th wedding anniversary!

We adored the resort too much that we skipped the next day of any sight-seeing. A day later, we decided to make use of my research and the planned itinerary. We booked a cab for the whole day and visited a few places that I had jotted down for the first day. But the heat was too much to bear. By 5PM, all 3 of us were terribly sweating and kind of dehydrated with the scorching sun. Guess we were better off in the resort itself. Relaxing, that was the whole idea of the vacation, we realized. We cannot torture our young lady in this hot weather for all the vacation. So we both gave up on my itinerary and decided to make full use of the resort. There were no complains. It was absolutely relaxed and an incredibly fantastic vacation.

A View from the Rock Bar
Sunset from the Rock Bar


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