Water Water Everywhere..

Today, as I write from, perhaps one of the most exotic locations in the world, Bali; While my mind is relishing the Martini and the my Heart is stunned to watch a vast stretch of The Indian ocean right in front of me, I realize I have a kind of a relationship with the water. Bhupesh is enjoying the pool, Aahana is coloring on a sun bed by my side, I have given a pause to my book and I cant help but feel content and have the this-is-exactly-what-i-want-a-holiday-to-be feeling.And the background score of the waves hitting the rocks next to me is exactly what was required to get me in this mood. I somehow feel, the waves have a dual effect on me, thrilling as well as calming & soothing, and at the same time…how stupendous is that!! On hearing them, I suddenly get a strength to move forward while coming to peace with what exactly I have at present.

Being born and brought up in the northern part of India, I had not been close to nor had seen any ocean, or even a sea. I guess the only “water-body” I saw before my wedding was The Brahma-Sarovar @Kurukshetra

and The Ganges @Hardwar.Both were religiously precious experiences and fascinating too, but all my childhood and teenage, I longed to be at a place where I would see water and only water, until the horizon. And the first time when this dream same true, it made my honeymoon all the very special. I was amazed to see the enormity of something as immensely beautiful as The Mediterranean Sea. I wish I could have spend my whole life sitting in the sand by the sea, but I guess, if all your dreams get fulfilled so easily, what’s in to live!

After we moved out of a Cyprus, we made it a point to visit a beach on every holiday we plan. We both are truly madly and deeply in love with the beaches and the same affinity I see in my daughter too[ Glad about it]. We covered Kerala, Goa, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Now Bali. Someday, I wish I would see the Hawaii, Fiji, BoraBora..my list is endless. Someday!!

Its uncanny how a beautiful ambience is created with just 3 elements, Sea, sand & the Sky. I wish all the places in the world are turned into a beach!! What a heaven it would be!

 The colors of the sky reflect on the sea

What a spectacular view to thee

I believe it is made of what has made me

Sky Sand Sea Me & We!!

PS – I write this on a piece of paper from the resort, & would post this one only when I get back to KL coz I don’t want to be spending even 5 minutes of this holiday on the internet. C ya!!

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