It’s a Circle!

I love my parents, just like most of us do.

From what I recall of my childhood, My dad, being a workaholic, never had enough time to spend with us. I never had enough time for my mom. I was always busy playing with my friends/cousins, studying, falling in love etc etc….I knew I am taking mom for granted, just to be available when I need her and ignoring her when I didn’t. But I hardly saw her complain. I didn’t even pay any admiration to her patience, for that matter.

Being the youngest, I was the wicked one, mischievous & demanding, getting all my wishes fulfilled by hook or crook. My elder brother on the other hand, was the most sincere silent obedient studious child I had ever come across. I was the one, who created a scene at home whenever something I wanted was denied to me. I never really cared whether it bothered them or not. I was mean & selfish most of the times and nobody made me realize that and I was immature to realize it on my own.

I got married, I am not sure by hook or crook, but am sure our parents weren’t the most happy on the occasion. Of course, later,now they have come to terms with it very well and have showered us with their unlimited blessings. My parents , I know, are particularly very fond of Bhupesh now; and I have done quite well with his parents as well.

A great realization occurred when I became a parent. Its incredible how motherhood brings about so many changes in you. When I started facing parenting challenges , which normally every new mother does face, I looked up to my mother. I comprehended the pains my parents would have had to have me , the changes they undertook in their lifestyle only to give me a good one, the nights they spent without a second of sleep only to comfort me, the temperament they controlled when I did so many things that would make anyone annoyed . 

My father always provided us the right direction, the right sponsorship to fulfill our dreams, he worked hard so that he could give us a good lifestyle, he hardly bought anything for himself after we came in his life, selflessly studying higher and working harder all those years of our upbringing. My mom has always been a support pillar, the backbone of our family, we all could have simply fallen apart if not for her love, dedication and calmness. She isn’t too much educated, nor a hoity toity city women, but she is the one who inculcated the moral values in her children to the extent that helped us reach a position that we are in now. We have turned into respectable society members, and we definitely owe to our upbringing.

I owe my parents a hug big time, just to express that I love them, I always did!

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