Other side of the graph

When I was a child, mmm…wait a minute, But I still am a child…Let me rephrase.In my early days of childhood, I looked up to people who were positive and doing great in their lives. I used to admire their qualities and had never seen a point in noting their not-so-good sides. Their positive attributes would amaze me so much so that I never really saw if their was something negative in them. It really excited me to see how somebody was so good in studies or at dancing or singing or even in behaving, I would always be all-praise for them, & determine myself to become as good as them. No wonder I have always have had so many ideals in life.

As I grew, the worldly ways started to effect me. I was now realizing some not-so-good features of people as well. At the onset, I did not know how to take these negativities and I started bitching/gossiping about such people, the kind I had never met before, or may be I was just not interested to know. I could not handle such people in my life. I went into a denial mode and I stopped paying them any attention. I was searching deep within myself the child that would filter out all the negative and would see only the good in such people. But I could not.

Then came the acceptance mode, when I realized that the existence of these people is not without a reason. I had always set the positive limits for me and was unaware of the other side of the graph. I knew what I wanted to do in my life, But Who would define for me what is NOT be done, It was these people. These people set for me, the examples of what happens when you behave badly, what happens when you do not be a good person, what happens when negativity sets in you, what happens when you cannot control your anger to the right place, what happens when you are just good for nothing for simply anyone in the world.

I am my own judge, and now I know what I am doing right and what is considered wrong. Thank you God for sending the negative people to me as much as for sending all the positive people in my life.

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