My 3 most embarrassing childhood memories

1. I was 2 when I ran away from home…not on purpose though. Mom was busy doing routine household chores, while I exited my way out of the house. When my mom realized it, she had a trouble informing my dad,given that we did not have a phone at home and there were no cellphones, internet etc. My father, on being informed that I was missing, went on a panic search for me along with a few of his other colleagues as well, in all possible directions. There were so many people trying to get one sign of me being somewhere. My mom was standing outside the house just in case somebody brings me back.

There was this small school near my house, where poor children would come to study for free. When the school dismissed that afternoon, my mom saw a small gal in a pink frock amongst all uniformed children, coming towards her. It was me. Oh she jumped with joy and again had a hard time informing all the search parties.

Poor Mom & dad, how they thought I had keen interest in studies that I ran away from home only to go to a school.

2. My brother and I were at home, studying in our rooms. His was on the 2nd floor and mine on the 1st floor of our house. My parents were away for some reason I don’t remember and is insignificant for this episode. Anyways, I felt hungry and on the way to kitchen I fell off the stairs. I dint get hurt though. But a sympathy seeker that I am, I went up to my brother’s room and  told him in a crying tone that I fell from the stairs. He jumped up from his chair and asked worriedly  “ Oh lagi kya?[did u get hurt], Kaise gir gayi[how did u fell]” and on this question, feeling obligated to explain how I fell descriptively, I actually fell down from the stairs opposite his room. This time I did get hurt, but my bro just couldn’t control his laughter.

3. A new subject French had been introduced in our school curriculum. No one in my family knew it. So I just had to boast off my new French speaking skills. A few weeks into the class and I had already proved to my parents that I could walk talk and dance in French. One fine morning, my dad called me to the living room, where I saw two gentlemen sitting with him. One of them addressed to me in a familiar language as soon as I entered the room, my dad looking at me with a proud smile and expecting me to reciprocate in his language. He was speaking in French & I hardly understood a word. It was completely an OHT[over-head transmission] for me. I guess, my father had of course told them about my fluency in the language. I ran away from the room, and my father managed by saying that I was shy of strangers. I later confessed to my parents that I was just a beginner and knew nothing more than greetings in French, to save them of any further alike embarrassing episodes. I had learnt my lesson though.

One thought on “My 3 most embarrassing childhood memories

  1. Hi there Reema,
    Your writing is really refreshing….. it was a pleasure reading through.
    Keep it up & Best wishes


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