A Blessing in Disguise…..

You had build up a great rapport with your office colleagues and management. Your workplace had become a second home to you, it had become your identification & you were enjoying every bit of it. But then you left the job, of course after considering all possible equations & factors, perhaps post a wedding or delivery or owing to any other family responsibilities. You enjoyed that phase as well. But now, after a few months, you find yourself lost – without an identity – without a stand – without a use. All you can do now is regret a decision that you took in full hosh-o-hawaas [consciousness] and find vents to pour out your frustrations.

Don’t worry, you are not alone. I have been there, felt that. But hey, I am not here to sympathize with you. That would only make you feel more weak and invisibly push you a little more towards despair. I am here to offer you a deal, a deal that would change your entire outlook towards life and you would gradually rise up from this inevitably-leading-to-depression state.

Girl, your job wasn’t the only thing you could have done in life. This break is God’s own way of letting you explore yourself a little more, a thing that we hardly do, or should I say a thing that we hardly have time to think over when we are working. Just look back to your childhood, search your heart out, ponder a little over your hobbies, what were the things that really kicked you on! Well, let me help you a little here…just scroll through the list below and you may find the one that really excites you & then, don’t you wait honey, move your lazy butt & go for it!!!!

1. Enroll in a music class – There would be definitely one in your city, that is easily accessible and just think about it, you will have no time restraints, since u can fix it for anytime of the day. Classical music, Western vocal skills, musical instruments like piano, violin, drums or a saxophone… are just some of the many options you got here. Do practice at home after your classes and hold a concert for yourself among your friends when you are ready!

2. Dance the blues away – Dancing is a great stress buster as well as a great way to keep one in shape. Classical Indian dances, Indian folk dances, Latin American dances, the choices are many, just choose your genre.

3. Learn some new recipes/ cooking tricks/baking lessons/mock tail preparations/kids menus’ – There’s a plethora of sites on internet who would provide useful information on these that you can practically experiment with and use. Getting a mentor would help as well.

4. Take up the responsibilities of the household – Paying the credit card bills,Grocery shopping, medical claims, Managing house finances budget,  Paying EMI’s, Picking up & dropping the kids[ if any] to n fro school, are some of the tasks that you can add to your list. You can help your spouse a great deal by handling these overheads.

5. Be active socially & keep yourself updated – Stay connected to your friends worldwide. Don’t isolate yourself in any inferiority complex, neither get addicted to the social networking sites ; there’s a whole lot of real world outside of the virtual world. Organize parties for self and other friends as well.

Join some NGOs, if you can. Working for needy people selflessly gives a sense of satisfaction that none can compete with.

Read newspapers  & stay updated. Learn about new technologies in your domain. Participate in online discussion forums

6. Read Good, Write your thoughts – Reading good books is a constructive way to handle your time. Read blogs and other people’s thoughts to find some peace. If you can, pen down your thoughts as well. Writing is great positive outlet to variety of things scrambling in our head.

Also, learn about parenting skills whether or not u have a kid yet. Trust me , this is one thing that will surely help you one day.

8. Arts & Crafts or Scrapping – Scrapping, I believe is a great way of recording memories & also, of seeing the brighter side of your current life since you would record only the positive moments. If your are a crafts person, you may consider making a name plate for your home or decorating your home with some self made art pieces. These would be things that you will treasure throughout your life. Remember how those school projects used to pump us up!

9. Provide tuitions or coaching – You can always find some children in the neighborhood who would need help in studies. Chalk out a few subjects that you are good at and get some students. If teaching is something you are passionate about, this is a great way! You would be helping the working mums and the society as a whole, amongst getting some recognition yourself.

If you are not much of a study person, you could also open up a hobby class or a soft skills coaching of your own. Hand make your pamphlets and distribute them over your society and friends. Advertise on your social networks. You will find a new circle here.

10. Prepare for higher studies – You could only appreciate how others cracked GMAT,GATE, GRE, CAT etc. and you had always dreamt that one fine day you would go for it too. Well now is your chance. Go get a coaching center to give you the right directions. Talk to people who are masters in your domain of interest, Grab some online helps and Go for it this year!!

11. Learn Photography – If you are one of those rare girls who likes to be behind the lens, go for it. Walk up your streets. Explore the unknown and shoot it, with your camera.

12. Hit the gym/Learn Yoga – Sitting at home, you have now become a lazy fat ass. And I know you realize that you are not happy with the way you look now. Go hit the gym, better find a trainer. A fit body hosts a fit mind and you would simply love it when the compliments would pour in.

Buy a bicycle & don’t let it be just another space taking art piece in your house, Ride it as well.

Learn Yoga/ Meditate to achieve stability and peace of mind


You probably have no idea how many people out there are currently jealous of you to possess such great time at your disposal. You are the lucky one, stop thinking of yourself as a useless piece in the society. You have now all the time in the world, to do what you always ‘really’ wanted to, To show the world the other priceless side of you . Make the most of it.


With all my heart, Good luck!!

P.S. If any of you have some other suggestions, please do come up with them. You never know, whom you may be helping.

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