Happy Woman ain’t a myth!

I remember how the lengthy dialogue on “how-women-make-your-life-hell” from the Hindi movie pyaar ka punchnama had become an instant hit with the male community. Guys loved to watch that scene over and over again and yet some more and laugh their hearts out with their other guy friends over a beer. I agree that the dialogue did deserve some appreciation for the sheer cute innocence in the delivery, not for being a direct attack on womankind and generalizing some attributes to all the women. Well, it was just another movie, so let it be. They made their money and went off.

But I strongly feel the need to help those men, who cant handle us properly and in turn blame us for not staying happy with them. Here are some easy points to make & keep us happy. Of course the list is a little longer than it would be for men, but lets face it, women are complex beings and it does require some brilliance to impress them.

1. Show some respect : Guys who disrespect us or other women in our presence are mere losers for us. We are no longer the weaker sex and we hate any biased approaches. We deserve to be treated equal fair n square. We can discuss finance as good as fashion. And mind you, we know where your eyes are dropping, look in our eyes when you talk to us.

2. We love compliments : u want to see a happy woman , U Keep them coming – for the way we look,the way we keep our house tidy, our cooking skills, our daily struggle to match up being a perfect wife, a perfect daughter in law, a perfect mom & perfect at workplace too.You do know that we do put in lot of efforts in all these, so please keep them genuine and with substance. A single sweet one can keep us going for daysSmile

3. Don’t you keep a check on our shopping bills : We cant live without shopping. Retail therapy eases us off the same way as that football match telecast does to you. We can never have enough shoes and our wardrobe always has some more space for that lovely dress on the mannequin. We need newer handbags for keeping all the stuff that we carry organized. Thinking if you are, all that stuff IS important!

4. Surprise Gifts…ooh-la-la! : Irrespective of our age, we just adore gifts of any size, shape, brand, color, texture etc etc – We are not asking for diamonds every month, but Perfumes, soft toys, bags, dresses, shoes, cosmetics, spa vouchers..even a single flower bud…you have so many options to chose your gift to us. Price tag really doesn’t matter, the intentions do!

5. Judging us on our girls talk…No! : We don’t ask you what girl or technology you were discussing over the smoke break, so you better give our space as well. We love to bitch with our gals gang. It doesn’t imply we are mean people. This is just a stress buster for us. Gossip is an inborn talent that we have, and we know you are no clean wither. So please stop making fun!

6. We do need our me time as well : It may seem useless/unreasonably expensive to you but that visit to the saloon/spa/beauty parlor is very important to us. We feel confident & great when we look beautiful to ourselves. A haircut or even a brow threading can make us beaming with confidence.

7. Moral support does mean a lot to us –  This is a little secret. We don’t really want you to come and help us with the household chores[you will , by all means, do it wrong anyways and we’ll end up redoing it]. Just a mere presence, cuddling, moral encouragement, is enough to keep us going. But for sure, if we are working our asses off while u don’t even pay a glance, u r doomed honey!!

8. Erratic behavior and mood swings are embedded : When you cant change something, stop complaining about it. We, the women, go through many physical changes throughout our life[ periods, birth & feeding etc]. These physical changes have a great deal of impact on our emotional system as well. The hormones aren’t always under our control. You have no idea what we go through so at least give us the benefit of doubt and try and be comforting to be the least. Tip – Chocolate works wonders for our mood upliftsSmile


So You See, keeping women happy isn’t impossible!!

Always remember – A woman can make your life hell, if you make hers’;  But she sure can make your life no less than heaven if you care for her!

2 thoughts on “Happy Woman ain’t a myth!

  1. Just Loved Loved Loved it..
    something to share on point 5..
    one day i was jus browsing facebuk and i happened see a picture of a girl dressed to nines..my instant reaction was “short dresses aren’t gonna make you look any hotter honey” (you know..i can be mean at times) and my husband was like – what is wrong with you girls..
    and i said..well..this is how our wiring was done..


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