Women’s 6 Point guide to keep their Man happy & in love!

Genuinely speaking, no one opts for a dull-and-ready-to-die kind of a relationship, but its well understood that the spark in any relationship, fades off with time. As a result, small petty issues which bring about huge differences in the couple, tend to creep in the relationship & gradually kind of kill it. The killing may be an explicit separation or a cold still-living-in-but-in-separate-rooms kind of thing; In any case, both suffer.

Well, I am definitely not saying that women are the only defaulters in such cases, of course u need both hands to clap. But I will like to keep this article to a women’s guide to keep her man happy and to keep that flicker alive…always…

Men, unlike women, are very easy to please. This, however, is quite an unknown fact to most of the ladies who are “wives”. I believe, we the women, have a major control of any relationship. We are the captain of this [relation]ship. So lets just put in a little more to keep it the way it began

Following is a simple 6 point guide that can work wonders for your love bond and make your man fall in love with you over and over again….forever! **Terms & Conditions Apply**

1. Give him his space – Ok gal, he is your man, and if he loves you he’s not going anywhere; if he doesn’t, don’t you care! Just like you need your space, he needs his too. Do not take for granted that as soon as he steps back in home all his time is yours[This tendency is specially seen in ladies who are not working and spend all day at home sulking about being alone all day- For God’s sake, get a hobby of your own, lets talk about this in the coming post]. Well, he wasn’t having a leisure time at office, he was working[that is ideally] and he needs his “me” time now to rejuvenate himself up and be prepared for the next day at work. Let him be, if he needs to watch his sports channel on TV or he wants to play on his Xbox. Let him be relaxed and then gal, make sure the dinner and the bedtime is all yours.

Even if he wants to take a break with his friends, for a dinner or for a vacation, let him. & No, if you let him go, Don’t keep on calling every hour to remind him of you. He will always respect you for that and come back to you afresh and with even more love for you.

2. Don’t tell him your problems if you are not ready to take the solution – Yes, for all the listening, you have your girlfriends. Men just can’t listen and be without a solution. They have to bring up the solution or a suggestion. Frankly, they don’t get this all-ear-no-mouth kind of conversations. They just have to & have to help you to come to a solution. Also remember, Gossips & Cribbing with your man are an absolute No No!

3. If you want him to do something for you, tell him please! – I know I know, “he knows me from a long time, why cant he understand himself what I want”. No he cannot. Being together with you for years doesn’t put a transmitter in your head and a receiver in his. Speak up, if you want him to help you in the kitchen, or to help get the baby ready for school or even what kind of a gift you are expecting on this anniversary. Trust me, he’ll be happy to help, because he wants you to be happy. Only then, he knows, you will, keep him happy[read let him live]

4. Behave & dress up well in front of his parents & friends – He loves it when a friend of his says “ you lucky man, Your wife’s beautiful ”. He wants his parents to love you too. So do your homework before attending to his parents – What kind of dresses are good to be worn in front of them, how to take care of them, what kind of food they like to eat, what are their special interests, are some key points to know to be an ideal daughter-in-law. There’s no harm in adjusting to their ways for as long as they are with you. Believe me, a man loves a woman who treats his parents like her own. If you are attending his office party, make sure you consult him what attire you should be wearing and stick to that. Don’t try any experiments in his parties, be it with friends or colleagues. Always try and look your best, even if you don’t feel like!

5. Don’t be a queen & Please learn some math – You were a queen at your parents house but please grow up and do something’s yourself, don’t be completely dependent on him for everything. Go open that bank account yourself, book your vacation trips yourself, calculate your taxes and make appropriate decisions in financial matters, He is there to help if you really need it, but he ain’t your assistant. Have faith in your abilities and be a confident lady who can make her own decisions. Men certainly like beauty with brains.

6. Learn to be sexy – I don’t know why I chose to put it the last, I guess it should have been the first. Well, frankly, those pleasurable moments are one major and important part of your relationship with him. And there is absolutely no man on this planet who would not want to have a sexy partner in bed. Be an initiator, Learn some new tricks, take out some time in your shopping for the lingerie store as well. Times are gone when the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach, now it’s just a little bit below the stomach….And please don’t fake the big O, your man can judge it. Tell him what you need as well, he will absolutely love to satisfy you.

That’s it I guess. You are on board a beautiful [relation]ship sailing together through lovable breezes…..Be a little romantic, a little confident, a little shy, a little you!! May the love of your life always love you the same way as you do! Amen!

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