BriNg iT oN!!

What is with us that we love to know whats in store  for our future. Wherever available, you would find somebody or the other “using” the “knowledge” of a “learned” saint/palmist/astrologer/pandit to get a little hint on “when would they get married”, “how many kids they would feed”, “will they ever get a good job”…and so on…

Well I am not aiming here to pay any disrespect to all of the learned people mentioned above, who “assumedly” have the”logics” to predict our future and giving sure shot “solutions” to just in case some“wrong” or “unhappy” event is foreseen. I do believe that astrology is a science and has some sort of logic to it[ which, however, I hardly understand]. & that there are some people really good at it. And you would definitely agree that its kind of easy to distinguish between the two, provided you keep your brains open. Still,even in this age, many of us do fall in the fraud traps.

That also brings me to the well known kundli aka birth horoscope. I really have no idea as to how just by matching a few “attributes” in a person’s kundli, the weddings are given a green signal in India. Is that all that matters to prove one’s compatibility to another human being. Well frankly, Bhupesh & mine kundli’s were given a red flag since the matching attributes hadn’t scored the “passing marks”. Poor fellows hardly knew we were in love & they should match some more to bring us a good nod on our wedding. Anyways, our parents, thankfully, were not completely relying onto the horoscope matching “exam” & hence we were married to live happily ever after. I fail to see any differences [ good or bad] in any other couple who had passed the kundli exam. And as they say, “jab miya biwi raazi tab kya karegi kundli”. I guess, When its right for you, its just so right!


My philosophy of life is the law of attraction i.e positive attracts positive and vice versa. Some of you may have read the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, and that is what I believe in. Its just your feelings that brings about the change. Positive is all what will come to you if your feelings, your attitude, your outlook to wards is positive; and well, if all you can do is crib and having negative feelings about everything that surrounds you and everything that does not, negative is all that is offered to you by life. You can see it for yourself.

The day you will be fearless of the unpredicted future, with your mind and soul wrapped in nothing but positivity, a true contentment will come your way and then welcoming the life with open arms, you’ll say “BrinG It ON!!!!!”

3 thoughts on “BriNg iT oN!!

  1. Well, I am not sure what importance it weighs , but for us it is just an instrument of polite refusal . Of course , for my parents it was an absolute no go decision for them to get married. They scored an absolute zero when it came to Matrimonial quality alignment score . But then , my great maternal grandfather was hell bent to marry my mother to my father so he just made some adjustments and voila.. it was a purrrrfecctttt match..

    Life has its own course , turns ,twists and bends and no amount of astrology can determine the length of the relationship. So it is futile, unnecessary and incorrect to judge the success of any relationship by it’s length. The depth of the relationship is the right metric to judge it’s success or failure.


    1. Thats true..I mean none of the western countries follow this alignment scheme and still there are succeful marriages [dunno about the percentage though, guess there are other reasons prevalent to effect a happy married life:)]


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