A little friend of mine visited me today…

Tiny little drops of love are pouring down from clouds above. I couldn’t help but sit in my balcony to admire the weather. The roads below were full of cars, not a person to be seen.

I wiped the wet chair for me to sit & relax and absorb the beautiful weather in me. It suddenly occurred to me that something was missing. Where was she? I had loved to see her daily from the balcony, flying in the nearby trees. I would watch her, chirping along and going from branch to branch, but she never came near to my balcony. The pretty little yellow bird had become a part of my life. Today, as the rains fell, she was no where to be seen..the view from my balcony didn’t seem complete…her flight was missing.

I brought my eyes to my laptop again , fb, gmail, TOI, blogs….No I could not concentrate, where did the bird go….I went inside to bring back something to munch on. That is another way to ease my restlessness. As I sat back on my chair again, I felt being watched. I took a quick view…..na….nobody….and then something made me look up on the balcony’s loft. There she was….embracing herself and sitting on the edge of the loft. Perhaps she was cold too. I placed a few munchies atop the wall in a gesture of offering them to her but she did not come. I was wondering if she recognized me….if she ever saw me gazing through the balcony looking for her…if ever she waited for me to come to the balcony…if she noticed how I had a smile on my face every time I would see her fly…if she noticed how delighted my 2 year old daughter would be whenever she would spot her………

The door bell rang. I gave her a smile and went inside. Within moments when I came back,The little fellow was gone and so were the munchies….

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