Men Will Be Men!!

Praise them, Curse them….you sure can’t live without them. They have taught the world of a Simple binary concept of living. They either like something, or they don’t like it; They want to go to a place or they don’t want to go to a place; They like a gal, and they like gal more than the first one [ coz They don’t like a gal ain’t an option, right].

The problem comes only when we, the Ladies, confuse them to be “indifferent” to certain issues (as we like to assume them to be). What kind of food should we prepare when guests are coming up, Would we look too fat in a light-colored trouser, Is the organic broccoli better for the kids than the normal one, Should we buy white color curtains or the off-white ones, The house doesn’t get any sunlight…Blessed that these men are, none of the above and alike are hardly of any concern to them. These tensions only exist for women. To me, I along with other women appear to be tension seekers. If we run out of tensions, we can think & produce one….

The Men world consists of only two things – Technology & Pleasure. Let me explain…Technology includes the latest gadgets & gizmos and Pleasure includes BUS [Beer, Universal remote controller & Sex], not necessarily in that order though. Unlike Women whose area of concern is everything starting from a kitchen sink that cannot contain enough of her unwashed dishes to her favorite pair of jeans that isn’t fitting anymore…from her monthly trauma days to that short notice presentation of hers at the workplace…her endless concerns define her.

What I can’t help but notice is that how cool and calm these people are….and yet sophisticated and funny at the same time..and my fellow ladies, they do work hard as well, really hard to earn the things they want[refer to their world as described above], without getting distracted by every tiny little stress in the world.

Well, ladies, let’s confess, just like they do need to learn some things from us, we do need to learn a lot from them as well. Let’s learn from them how to have a stress free life & in return, give them a break once in a while!! Just like us, they definitely deserve it!

Men will be Men…And We are glad that they are…aren’t we?

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