Better befooled!

We were newly wedded and living in Cyprus, an exotic European destination. I was on a break from work,enjoying the newly acquired house wife status, yet to join the same workplace as Bhupesh. I recall the (one of the) best part of those weeks was waiting for Bhupesh to come home in the evening. Anyways, that’s not the story here.

The story is that Bhupesh, even before we were married, had always loved to play pranks on me. He would  handover the phone to me while acting that he’s speaking to his mom & she wants to speak to me, & gathering all my courage( that is surely required in speaking to your would be MIL for the first time) I would say “Hello” into it only to realize that there was no one on the line.DUH! He would call me sometimes to say that we cant meet today, while he would be just on the door to surprise me the next minute.

Even after wedding, I wasn’t saved. Poor me, was befooled all the time by him and in all funny ways. One fine day, when he came home in the evening, I, as usual, went to the kitchen to bring up the already prepared evening snack, while he freshened up. I set the snacks on the table while he approached,” Where is the *****…..” he enquired. “O its in the room” I said while getting there myself. & There You go! What did I see on switching on the lights in our room…Yes that dreaded ugly thing …A Lizard, there on the wall that I facing to.

I could have screamed at the highest possible pitch normally, but that is when I gathered my senses{Blame it to my silly naïve self, that I had also thought that Lizards and cockroaches and other filthy stuff was found only in Asia, This is Europe Honey, Just cant be!!} and pledged that I wouldn’t get befooled any more. So I walked calmly up to him and said “ I am not scared of lizards any more…You can take the f***ing sticker out now..Huh”

Bhupesh asked clueless “What?”…”I Know that’s not a real one” I affirmed,”& I am not falling for this one now, this is Europe, how can a lizard be here”. “A Lizard, where?” . “ Ok now, You put it and you don’t know where it is”, still proud of my calm state. Bhupesh quickly took a broom and rushed to the bedroom. I was still saying “ Ok, Ok enough now, don’t try too hard, I am not getting fooled this time”.

One hush with the broom and there this thing moved. Was I going to faint or what!! This is real..alive..lizard…in my room..and now running on the walls escaping from the broom stick….I jumped up on the side table ….while Bhupesh courageously shove it away from the balcony door.

He gave me that I-think-you-got-fooled-again look & said “Better befooled than being brave at the wrong time, what if you would have taken it in your hands trying to prove to me that you know it was a mere stick-on”

I almost had a cardiac arrest!!

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