16th June ‘2009

“Not until another week” is what my gynae/obs had said after her regular checks, when we had been to her clinic, as the day marked the end of my 39th week in gestation. I had already started my maternity leave from my workplace a week ago. Must admit that sitting idle at home and just waiting for the “call” wasn’t very entertaining to me. Given my patience levels, I wanted to approach the “event” ASAP. And so, we both were nothing more than disappointed with this verdict of hers.

The news , more than 7 months ago, had left us surprised,stunned,nervous,overwhelmed..all at the same time. It was diwali’08 and my best pal Deepshikha was visiting us. Blame it to my changing hormones or mood swings or nausea…or all three of them, I wasn’t quite attending to her as I had thought I would. Bhupesh too was a little disturbed by the sudden change in my behavior for which I had no explanation unless I realized that I was due for more than a week now.  The first thing I did on that realization was to take the pregnancy test and my my…did it come positive!!!Something withheld the instant celebration though, I had had a false positive a few months back, but when the doc had confirmed otherwise, tears was all we both had in our eyes. So this day, we just embraced each other warmly and prayed silently for it to be a blessing this time….And It was, truly…as the doc confirmed 2 days later.

Bhupesh and I had gradually prepared for the finale, hand in hand, attending all the prenatal classes together, discussing all possibly known little details that we had come to know by reading various books and articles, with endless quality times on our long walks daily….Since, we did not know the gender of the baby, we had prepared two announcement mails, one for a boy, one for a gal, only waiting to be clicked on ‘send’. With all this planning in place, we just waited eagerly for the green signal, on each visit to the doc.

After taking “Have-Patience” and “This-is-not-in your-hands” and “Everything-has-a-time” lectures from the gynae, Bhupesh dropped me back to the home as he left for his office for the remaining part of the day. The clock ticked 1630hrs , It was the 15th of June’2009. No sooner than he had left, I discovered pains coming to me every 15 minutes. My mother-in-law had already predicted that the time is near, just by looking at me, in the morning, before visiting the doc early that day. Sometimes, her knowledge, simply amazes me. When she saw me uncomfortable, at around 1800Hrs, she said” lets go, its time” to which I said that I am not sure if its “The” Pain. It was very much tolerable and given the doc’s prediction, there was nothing to take an immediate action for….

I waited till 1900Hrs, and that was when I found myself calling Bhupesh. The pain was still 15 minutes apart but rather uncomforting now. We had been told in the prenatal classes that the pains would start at the frequency of 45 minutes and by the time they are 15 minutes apart, you should reach the hospital. In less than 10 minutes we were on the way to the hospital, only to realize midway, that we had forgotten  to pick up the already prepared & packed “mamma bag” and the “baby bag” and my medical record file. But we still continued and reached the maternity section at 2000 Hrs.

The doc on duty put me on to the NST and monitored the baby kicks. After the regular notations and analysis on her paper she told us – not another 24 hours. She called my doctor and after her little give and take of information, she held the receiver to me, hinting me to have a talk with her. All she had to say was” Reema, its safe to stay here at the hospital, given that your home is a minimum 30 minutes drive but its even ok to go back home and come only when your pains become more stronger or any other indication occurs”. Bhupesh and I chose to go back home.

By the time we reached home 2130Hrs, my pain was now 5 minutes apart, a little stronger too. I was walking all over our flat like a mad woman. All that was going on in my mind now was whether we had made  a mistake by coming back to home …will we be able to make it to the hospital when the time is right… I took a shower and went to sleep.

As the clock struck midnight, the pain was becoming unbearable and coming every 4 minutes now. I woke him up and said “I think we have to go now”. Poor tired him,partially sleepy caressed me and asked me if I was sure and if we could go only in the morning..but I was determined..Something from within told me to “GO”!

Its amazing how parents have this telepathy about their children. When we were driving to the hospital past midnight, my dad called me up and asked me how I was, otherwise what would make him call us past midnight……He could obviously make out from my voice and told us he was on his way too.

As we reached the hospital this time, they immediately rushed us to the maternity suite. The pain was now what one could imagine, out of the world . It was as though my back would tear out. As I was being prepared for the “event”, Bhupesh sitting by my side, his hands on my head, gently taking away my pain, was busy recalling all the breathing exercises he had learnt to coach me at this time. With each contraction getting worse, he would remind to keep breathing while I would simply bruise his hand with my grip that would tighten at intensity of the the contraction. The nurse came in at around 5AM to ask if I needed an epidural. Bhupesh wanted me to, he couldn’t see me in more pain. I found myself saying“No”. I wanted to test my endurance, I guess. Came 6AM, and I felt a river of blood come out of me. Bhupesh was terrified and he ran to call the doctor. But what came out of the doc’s mouth was only a relief – “ The dilation has started, she is 3 cms now”. The next line was only to kill that relief though – “But can take another 6-8 Hours”.

And I had thought the baby would be out any minute now. 6 to 8 Hours…Man I would die…I told Bhupesh. No I cant do it, get me out of here please!! Bhupesh lied down by my side and hugged me, my love was feeling each bit of my pain I realized.

Came 8AM and another doc came to inspect my “condition”, she did not say a word and ran out only to enter again with a few more people, huh doctors, with masks on their faces and gloves in their hands. Bhupesh stood by my side, never letting go off my hand and we heard the “Green Signal”….The team of docs had said” Looks good, Guess Its time to Push”.

To which Bhupesh said “ No wait,where is her gynae”. “ She’s been informed and on her way” was the answer.

My doc reached in another 10 minutes and with a fleet of people hovering around me, I was asked to push whenever the contractions approached. So Mammoth was the pain that I didn’t even realize when a cut was made to ease the delivery. One more good hour of efforts…and there it was!!!Relief”!!!”Wow, I can now sleep on my tummy..”. I was busy getting relieved & Suddenly, the room went empty, I was alone with only one doc, stitching me up.The baby had been taken by the ped to the adjacent room, with Bhupesh & a few other docs following him. I was only in the state of unconsciously conscious.

After a few minutes,Bhupesh came in, carrying a tiny little bundle in his hands, he kissed me and then said”Our baby, a Girl” He said with the most lovable twinkle in his eyes. I was speechless…She was indeed the most pink baby I had ever seen….

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