The solitary soul speaks!!

Another lonely evening

crossed my way today

and Made me think, If

Ever before, Silence whispered to me this way

My silent memoirs sometimes

speak up to me

& Ask ,If

I am who I used to be

Why do I forget

what, to others, I had said

and sit hopelessly

waiting to be cheered & fed

I had read somewhere

“Nobody can make you happier or sad, more than your own self”

The choice is Ours, Always!

& That my Friend, is what I forget, Always!


12 thoughts on “The solitary soul speaks!!

    1. This is what my best friend explained to me a few days back and I totally buy it!!
      Its just your approach and attitude towards a situation that will make you feel happy or sad about it. It is , indeed, a matter of choice!


  1. good one…poem is good…..travelogue will be very helpful for many of friends and relatives….redang, penang and c.highlands ka kab ka plan hai :)… put details of it too later…..


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